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Ruleville Central High School

Faculty and Staff

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Faculty and Staff
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The faculty and staff at Ruleville Central High School diligently work to provide meaningful, appropriate, and challenging learning experiences for students.

Teacher of the Year
Miss. Miskia Meeks was recently named RCHS Teacher of the Year.

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Subject or Subjects taught

Mr. Swiatek
Mrs. Payne

English III

Mrs. Lee

English II

Ms. Jacobs

Mr. Dunnas

Trans. Algebra, Pre-Algebra, and Algebra II

Miss. Meeks

Mr. Haaga

World History, Amercian Gov't, and Economics

Mrs. Herring

Minority Studies, World History, Economics, Gov't
Miss. Watson

Physical Science and Chemistry

Mr. Beverly
Mississippi Studies and Geography

Miss. Neal

Mrs. Jordan

U.S. History

Coach Bankhead

Administrative Assistant/ Physical Education

Mr. L. Pickens

Mrs. Buckner

Mrs. Cole

Mrs. Chow

Mrs. Miller-Trotter

Mr. Henning


Subject or Subjects Taught

Mrs. Ruffin

Reading, Carrer Prep, and Science

Miss. Pickens


Miss. Triplett

Career Prep III, Life Science I and II, and OC English I

Mrs. Corley


Coach Lakes


Miss. Barber

Art and Theatre

Miss. Carroll

Reading Skills, Career Prep, Science, and Math

Coach Harris

Technology Discovery and Business Law

Miss. Hudson

Comp. Reading and Writing/English I


Miss. Bradley

Spanish and English I